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Creating Your Reality



Welcome to Ayling Construction. We are a high-end construction company based in the East of England. Our team has the expertise and experience needed to bring your vision to life. Whether you’re after the perfect little extension, your dream home renovation or awe-inspiring new house, Ayling Construction can make it happen.

Quick Service

If you already have a plan to put together, we have the skills and resources to make it happen, down to the finishing touches in time.

Great Refurbishing

Many of our most successful projects have been created from scratch. Our expertise come into play from the very start.

Excellent Worker

We have built our reputation with exceptional customer service and workers. We have established our position as one of the most trustworthy construction company in Norfolk.

High Quality Assurance

If you choose us, one of our directors will contact you personally and be on-hand for the whole process. You'll be assigned your own dedicated project manager who will find the perfect architects, designer and tradesmen to match your project.

Our Services

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Ayling Consctruction

We offer a drawing package, which encompasses the entire planning stage of your project, including preliminary drawings,
working drawings, SAP calculations, building control and structural engineer design calculations.

Equally, if you have a solid plan already drawn up, we will ensure that it comes to life to the highest possible standard – down to the very last detail.

Our team work with a wide range of the very best architects in the Norfolk area. Your house will have a dedicated project manager to make sure it’s getting all the focus and attention it deserves.

Ayling Construction works with a wide network of some of the best professionals in the country – from architects and structuralists, to interior designers and decorators.

This means that we can match you with the perfect people to bring your vision to life – from the very first plans to the final finishing touches.

Customer Feedback

Blank White

"...I would definitely recommend Ayling Construction if a quality job and friendly work force is what you are looking for!"

Sammy Sanders
Blank White

"Big thankyou to the Ayling Construction team for creating a lovely family room from what was once a 15 year old conservatory."

John Borthwick
Blank White

"I am so surprised to find such a wonderful team of workmen and I can’t thank Ayling Constructionand their team enough for their generosity, kindness and compassion"

Roxy Smith
Blank White

"I’ve been very impressed with the standard of work and both projects finished within the time given. I have no hesitation in recommending Ayling, from initial quote to completion they are great to work with."

George Snaith